1/72 AZ Model Boeing P-26A (Model 281) Peashooter


Firstly for info related to the P-26 Peashooter in the Spanish Civil War please see my post on the subject Boeing Model 281 (P-26A) Peashooter in Spain.

AZ Model’s P-26 Peashooter is a short run kit and so lacks a few luxuries like locating pins & part numbers and has an slight vagueness overall but it does have plenty of detail and is pretty much the best kit available in 1/72.

The kit doesn’t come with markings for the Spanish version (nor are there any after market decals) but it should be relatively easy to replicate this version as there are very few (if any) alphanumerical markings, instead its the usual Republican banding and insignia over a base colour (aluminum or olive drab), for more details see the link above.

As mentioned earlier the kit is very well detailed with recessed panel lines and quite refined small plastic parts. The cockpit has a good amount of detail and so too does the engine which is cast in resin. All the plastic parts fit on one sprue and once completed it will make quite a small model!

There are some holes drilled on the wings for the rigging which is a bonus and the glass windshield is provided as a flat piece of acetate.

Overall the kit looks very good on the sprue and I look forward to putting it together,



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