1/72 Italeri Cant Z 501 Flying Boat


The Italeri Cant Z 501 is a kit that originates from the 70’s and I’m sure many experienced modellers either have one in the stash or have built it, I was not so lucky and so had a terrible time trying to track one down, I was only able to find Antics supplying online and then happily picked one up from them at a recent show.

This reboxing by Italeri boasts updated moulds and I’m not sure what has been updated but I suppose the parts are clean and relatively flash free. You do get a stand in clear plastic which seems to be new. The decals are very nice and offer an example from Spain 1938 in overall grey/silver with a gloss black waterline.

The main canopy looks very clear and has quite a lot of the fuselage attached to it which will make blending it easier. This particular flying boat was a wooden construction so panel lines are none existent and a smooth finish should be possible once everything is together. There are some raised panel lines on the wings and I’m not sure what they represent but they could be easily sanded back if necessary.

A nicely detailed kit, recommended and a lovely plane to add to the collection.




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