1/72 Italeri Fiat CR. 32 ‘Chirri’

This model is a re-boxing of the super model kit originally released in 1974, the decals have been updated and there is now a stand supplied in clear plastic.

Considering it’s age the level of detail is very good, there is quite a strong fabric texture on the wings and fuselage which doesn’t look correct although I found myself quite liking it. The cockpit is basic much like the real thing and looks the part once together, it is complimented by decals for seat belts and instrument panel.

Construction is a little tricky in places and dry fitting required at each stage, everything is ok fit wise until we get to the top wing and struts, this simply doesn’t work as the instructions suggest. You have to put the struts on before placing the top wing which is fine in principle but the locating holes are so vague it’s almost impossible to get them correct so you will need to adjust them on the model and glue them loosely so there’s a bit of  play when you come to put the top wing on.

The markings supplied include 2 Spanish subjects, an all over aluminium example and a rather attractive camouflage one with a big yellow arrow down the sides of the fuselage.

Recommend but modelling experience is required.



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