1/72 Novo Tupolev SB2 “Katyuska” Bomber

This kit is an oldie and there is a newer option which looks great by ICM, however I haven’t got my hands on that yet…

A lot of people may have this one in the stash and they may also be familiar with novo kits but if you don’t know this kit originates from 1969 and this particular boxing was on sale in 1974 so that means slightly crazed clear parts, raised panel lines and possible fit issues.

With all that said the Tupolev looks quite good the raised panel lines are ok and I’m going to stick with them although you could sand them off and /or re-scribe them. There is quite a lot of flash which is to be expected and not really a problem and the amount of parts and detail is impressive given the age. The cockpit area is a bit sparse and you can’t see an awful lot through the canopy so that’s probably a good thing. The decals are not Spain related and are also unusable given the age, the Spanish Republican examples of this aircraft are generally simple markings with the red, yellow, violet tail, olive drab overall with a blue grey underside and red banding on the fuselage and wing tips so you could probably get away without aftermarket decals.

All in all an interesting project and I picked mine up for £5 at a show so I think it’s definitely worth a go but not really for the beginner.


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