1/72 ICM Bf 109 E-3, Spain 1939

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3, Legion Condor 3 J/88 (Lt. Kurt Sochatzy) Spain, 1939

The Messerschmitt bf 109 became one of the most famous fighters of WW2 becoming notorious in the Battle of Britain. These successes were due (in part) to their experiences in Spain where the bf 109 was tested in its first combat role and it proved to be a deadly weapon against the republican aircraft. Many prototypes and variants were used in Spain but the E variants proved to be the most effective, the E-1 and the up gunned E-3 were the  most numerous variants deployed in Spain and were the base from which the later variants were derived, this would see the bf 109 fighting  from Spain in 1938 all the way to Berlin in 1945.

The ICM kit is of the E-3 variant and is very well detailed kit, the cockpit in particular is full and impressive. Overall fit is superb and I encountered no problems. The one down side is the canopy which falls well short of modern standards, I replaced mine with a vacform one from Rob Taurus. The markings in the kit are not for Spanish versions and I have used a set from Blue Star decals which I was kindly given by a member at my local IPMS club, I did use the stencils supplied with the kit. I also used Mr Paint for the first time with RLM 63, the paint was brilliant as most people are finding now but the colour is so similar to rlm 02 it’s hard to see the difference (which makes it quite accurate!). Gunze paints were used for the rlm 02, 70 & 65.

A very enjoyable build and highly recommend.


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