1/48 Eduard Bf 109 E-3 Build Log Part 1

This 1/48 Bf 109 E-3 from Eduard is part of the Eduard Legion Condor Dual Combo set and this is the first part of the build log.

The kit has stunning detail throughout with intelligent design. The level of detail is impressive even to the point of full riveting detail on the exterior.

The cockpit is well detailed with the side walls having multiple parts in both plastic and etch metal.

The rudder pedals benefit from the etch fret as well and are removed and upgraded.

The kit also comes with a full engine and gun bay which has a high level of detail from the off. I will add a slight bit of wiring to enchance it.

The cockpit floor and seat build up nicley with a few bits of etch to make it pop.

There is even etch grills for the air intake.

The main use for the etch frets is in the cockpit area with instrument panels and seat belts, as usual these are pre-painted and look a little off for RLM-02 so I will touch these areas up with hand painting.

The next stage is painting all the interior and the engine ready for a wash and assembly of the fuselage.


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