1/48 Eduard Bf 109 E-3 Build Log Part 2

This 1/48 Bf 109 E-3 from Eduard is part of the Eduard Legion Condor Dual Combo set and this is the second part of the build log.

The cockpit in this kit has a very good level of detail, aided by the included photo etch. I sprayed everything with Hobby Color RLM 02 before adding the pre-painted photo etch.

I used the PVA glue trick for the dials to give a lensing effect.

The engine detail is impressive straight from the box and I painted it black with details in silver. A dark dirt wash (from Flory Models) was applied heavily then dabbed away with a damp cloth.


The cockpit also received a wash to give it a bit of depth.

Test fitting the fuselage around the cockpit and engine bay is a must and it is best to build the cockpit, engine and engine bay all separately before gluing it in place between the fuselage.

I seemed to have made a rod for my own back by not checking the fuselage join so it has left a slight ridge, as well as being a little shallow in glue join. I have sanded it back, re-glued and filled a couple of spots. Unfortunately I have lost some of the rivet and panel line details in the sanding so I will add these back in later once I have fixed the seam and scribed the fuselage panel line.


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