1/48 Eduard Bf 109 E-3 Build Log Part 3

This part focuses on getting the main parts together and smoothed out in preparation for paint.

Firstly re-scribing of panel lines and riveting. For this I used the Rosie the Riveter tool for the fist time which is fantastic.

A crude video shows the ease with which the rivets can be put in and I did most of it free hand.

Once the riveting was finished the next parts were finishing of the engine area with exhausts etc. and then putting the wings on.

Test fit of machine guns, almost a snap fit.

The rudder is kept separate to ease painting

Test fit of rudder and struts attached.

The main wings fitted with no problems, it was quite impressive how well they fit to the fuselage, almost a snap fit again.

The flaps and control surfaces are really impressive and are designed to fit in the down or fixed position depending on which one it is. The machine gun barrels for the wings are hollowed out which is also a nice touch.

The next part will deal with finishing touches for the build then onto priming and painting.


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