1/48 Eduard Bf 109 E-3 Build Log Part 4

This part covers painting, a few slight dilemmas and fixes and getting everything ready for decals.

I did intend to black base the model to help enhance the rivets however I already added the white wing tips and didn’t want to do it again so the black basing will have to wait for the next one!

Seem checking, I did have a lot of problems with creating the seam along the top, these were all my own fault and it should be relatively easy to do.

The landing gear has a lot of detail and the included canopy masks are a great help.

Everything ready for painting, I only masked stuff I didn’t want the paint on loosely as I used MRP paints which give me good control, I didn’t actually cover the cockpit area.

After the RLM 63 was applied I started to mask off for the black strips down the side that were used to mask the exhaust staining. I used Tamiya X1 for this and masked quite heavily to prevent overspray.

The next few pictures show where I decided to add the cover over the machine guns running down to the bonnet. I decided to do this as it seemed from reference photos that this bit tended to be taken off with the side panels attached and as I had added them earlier this seemed to be the best approach. It did need thinning quite a lot on the inside and I had to remove the rear of the machine guns. Again all this is not the kits fault as you are meant to remove all the bits under this panel and the top of the engine for it to fit correctly.

I had to reprint the canopy black as I had a bit of light bleeding through, this was then over coated with RLM 63. The next update will show decalling and the final reveal.


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