1/72 Letov Š231

This is the first post of member supplied content and it’s a fine model to kick things off with, words and pictures courtesy of Glenn Wilson.

Letov Š231, Spanish Republic, KP Models
The Czech airforce was upgrading their Letov S.231s with Avia B.534s after 2-3 years service, and were happy to sell some (~10) of the retirees to the Spanish Republic. This modern metal bodied biplane was not supplied in large enough numbers to make any impact on the fighting.

This old KP kit is great and it is sad that it is such an obscure subject that few will buy the kit. I bought it because it was very cheap and it was used in Spain. The main problem with the kit is that the holes for the main and cabane struts do not match; I elected to locate the top wing using the main/inter-plane struts, and then added the cabane struts (after removing the locating pins for the top wing) to the fuselage which resulted in the top of the cabane struts sitting 1.5mm behind the holes for them on the underside of the top wing, where the problem is least visible.


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