1/72 RS Models Heinkel 112 V9 (B type), Kondor Legion

Words and pictures by Glenn Wilson

1/72 RS Models Heinkel 112 V9 (B type), Kondor Legion    

The Heinkel 112 V9 was the prototype for the production version of the Heinkel 112B which was the result of a quick and major redesign after the He 112A’s failure against the Bf 109 – it arrived too late – the momentum was with Messerschmitt. Its cannon armament was hoped to be useful for tank-busting, and this prototype was sent to Spain to check out how good it really was. The He 112B was sold to Spain and Rumania, but no large order came for the Luftwaffe.

This newer plastic kit seems to have used the Heller kit as the basis for the kit master, featuring engraved panel lines. RS recognised that the front edge of the wing was too far back on the Heller kit, but missed/ignored the fact the Heller’s wing trailing place was in the correct place. The result: both kits have wings slightly short in chord. The kit went together well (just like the Heller kit) and included the Kondor Legion markings.


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