1/72 Dekno (Resin) Vultee V.1A, Spanish Nationalists

Words and pictures by Glenn Wilson 

1/72 Dekno (Resin) Vultee V.1A, Spanish Nationalists   

The Nationalists captured four of these fast 8-seater airliners during delivery and used them as transports

This Dekno kit was very badly moulded, probably having been removed from the moulds while still warm, with a lump of resin coming off and landing elsewhere. This lump was sanded away and the crater it came from was filled, but the fuselage of the kit is too thin in cross-section – still, having replaced it with the Azur kit this kit allowed me to model a Kondor Legion transport, and the three colour splinter camouflage helps to camouflage the problems of shape. I replaced the poor resin engine with an Aeroclub white metal engine and the machine gun is also from Aeroclub.


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