Trumpeter 1/32 Junkers Ju-87A-1 Stuka Build Log Part 1

In this build log I’ll be building the Trumpeter 1/32 Ju-87A-1 ‘Anton’ and I’ll be adding the Eduard Big Ed set BIG3351 along with Montex K32296 Mask set for 29-5 from the VJ/88 experimental group in Spain 1937.


For reference I’m using Hikoki Publications Condor by Patrick Laureau and Military Illustrated Modeller 073 which has an in depth build of this kit by James Hatch.

Work begins, unusually, with the engine front cowling and propeller. I opted to leave the propeller until later.




Eduard provide the correct horizontal slats for the ‘A’ model, these simply stick over the top of the kit part.


The engine and radiator are very well detailed and its a shame that so much will be hidden, the work needed to open up the hatches is far in excess of what I’d like to tackle so it will have to be closed up. There are various scoops and intakes which show a little of the engine so it is nice to have it there.

Next its on to the cowling and front of the fuselage and straight off there are a few gaps showing themselves in the test fitting stage.


Also a well documented problem is the amount to which the exhausts protrude from the the side of cowl. Without modification they are flush but reference shows that they should protrude quite a bit so I went about thinning the inside until I had the desired effect.


Also at this point I fixed the scoops on the underside of the cowl so that they had the correct rounded gouge in the panel which they dont have straight from the box.

In test fitting the engine, radiator and bomb cradle into the cowl I found that its quite a tight fit so you need to ensure that everything is aligned properly before gluing. The radiator attachment to the bottom of the engine is a little flimsy too so care needs to be taken throughout this stage. It is worth pointing out that I glued the exhausts onto the inside of cowl instead of to the engine. This meant for a more secure join and gave me the maximum protrusion.

Now to get this lot together and then onto the cockpit.


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