Bristol Bulldogs in Republican Service

8 Bristol Bulldogs were used by the Republican forces in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. These were sought more out of desperation than anything else and were already quite obsolete at this time. The Bulldogs were sourced from Estonia as there was a non-intervention pact in place preventing Great Britain from supplying them direct.

The level of success achieved during its brief service is unknown, they were quickly relegated to a ground attack role and flown by foreign volunteer pilots supporting the Basque forces with similar aircraft. No Bulldogs seemed to have survived the battle of Santander in the Summer of 1937. One of the Bulldogs was captured by the nationalist forces on the airfield at Santander but it is unlikely that it was pressed into service by them.

The markings were field applied during the Summer of 1937, they arrived in an overall aluminium colour and this was then painted over in a base of olive-green with light sand brown camouflage. The underside of the fuselage and wings were left in the original aluminium colour.

The republican red banding was on the top and bottom of all four wings and the fuselage where it stretched from the rear of the cockpit to the base of the fin. The rudder wore the usual red, yellow and purple.

As it arrived:

Bulldog Aluminium

Possible markings prior to camouflage:

Bulldog Aluminium banding

Field applied camouflage:

Bulldog camo

Pictures courtesy of Wings Palette

Model Kits available are listed here with varying scales and manufacturers: Bristol Bulldog Model Kits Scalemates

Note it is best to avoid the Smer 1/48 kit which is poor in both accuracy and fit and instead track down the Inpact one which had many releases: Inpact Bristol Bulldog 1/48 Scalemates
A nice build of this kit in Republican markings can be found on Modelling Madness: Modelling Madness Republican Bulldog 1/48


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