1/35 Italeri/Zvezda BT-5 Soviet Light Tank

The BT-5 was a revolutionary new tank design using the Christie suspension which gave it a top speed of 44mph. This was combined with a fully traversable turret housing a 45mm model 42 tank gun and a 7.62mm DT machine gun. It had a crew of 3 and was reasonably light armored but its gun and speed made it far superior to the German and Italian tanks used by the Nationalist forces. The BT designs formed the basis of what would become the T-34 tank, a war winning tank which is still used in active service by some countries to this day.

There are a couple of kits available in 1/35 this one and a kit by Eastern Express, the Italeri/Zvezda kit is the better of the two. This is not a modern kit but does have good detail across the sprues, there are a few ejector pin marks and flash but nothing that should cause any problems. Test fitting is the key to a trouble free build.

The main gun is molded in a single, solid piece and does need a bit of clean up, it would be best to replace this part.

The wheels have good crisp details and should look great once weathered.

The link and length tracks are quite well detailed and should be sufficient for most modellers.


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