1/72 ICM Heinkel He-70 F2

Words and pictures by Christian Grimm from Germany.

On behalf of Lufthansa and Swiss Air, Ernst Heinkel first built the Heinkel He70 as a civil aircraft in 1932. With its 362 km/h top speed it was the fastest airplane in those days, resulting in its nickname “Blitz” which is the German word for flash.Later it was modified to be used as a military aircraft in auxiliary bomber and reconnaissance roles. Furthermore the aerodynamics of this airplane influenced the development of the Spitfire. 

During the Spanish Civil War the Airforce-Ministry of Hitler’s regime – the so-called Reichsluftfahrtministerium RLM – sent 28 of these airplanes to support General Franco within the Legion Condor, where the Heinkel was given the nickname Rayo which is the Spanish word for Blitz or flash.

As being a part of this legion, the He 70 had a untypical sunburst-design. As there are only existing black and white pictures of this plane, it´s not clear what the actual colours of the design were. As the most beautiful suggestion is a white-blue-striped scheme, I decided to paint it that way.

This is the ICM-kit with a low amount of structuring details. However, by painting the model in this amazing design, it was possible to build a very nice looking plane.


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