1/72 Owl Ju52/3m Transport Conversion Set for Italeri Kit

This is a small conversion set which includes two small sheets of decals and two pieces of resin. These pieces replace the cargo door built into the Italeri kit on the right side of the fuselage and a door to add nearer the nose on the right side for which you get an etched metal template which will enable you to cut the door correctly.

The decals look very good and should cause no problems.

The markings are for 2 planes One (22-101) in overall RLM 63 with patches of RLM 22 underneath and the other (22-34)  is the early camouflage pattern of RLM 61,62,63 on top and 22 underneath.

22-101 arrived very late in 1936 and was re-painted in RLM 61,62,63 later in the war after a hard landing. 

I’ve not been able to find any info on 22-34 and according to Patrick Laureau in Condor, page 149, the Ju52’s started at 22-47 so it may be worth checking references for this version.

A simple and effective conversion which will convert any version of the Italeri Ju52.


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