1/72 AZmodel P-26 Peashooter, Inter War Wings Group Build, Part 1

This part follows the general construction of the cockpit and use of the photo etch fret and resin extras. I have used all the etch pieces I plan to add in this part and so have gone on and completed the engine, wheels, windscreen etc.

Kit parts have presented no problems and there is very little clean up, as you would expect with adding etch metal like this there are a few fit issues but nothing major, the kit parts themselves go together well.

There are some very delicate pieces from the etch set which go to making up the radios and dials around the cockpit.


I chose to use the resin seat from Pavla as it was superior to the etch one.


The rudder pedals are a work of art.


The control stick was added to complete the cockpit.


The side walls for the cockpit are also on the etch fret so the kit parts need to be sanded smooth to allow these to fit.


The door is posed open from the box and there are a few etch additions for this.


The included resin engine receives a couple of upgrades.


The canopy frame on the etch fret does not have any scored lines for bending which made it very hard to get the correct shape so I have used the kit part which is a piece of clear plastic bent to shape.

The instrument panel from Yahu is exquisite and the tail wheel gets a little added detail.

Lastly I chose to use the kit parts for the wheels as the resin ones have an over exaggerated sag to them, looking at pictures of the real thing there is almost no bulge to tire so these resin wheels are a little unrealistic.

Everything is now off to the spray bay for chromate yellow, then the fuselage can be brought together and the build can progress.


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