Trumpeter 1/32 Junkers Ju-87A-1 Stuka Build Log Part 2

This part mainly covers the construction of the cockpit ready for painting, I have also finished off the nose/engine cowling and re-scribed and re-riveted lost detail.


I had a little trouble with re-scribing the panel lines, I was using the Tamiya scribe but it just seems to have a mind of its own, I have switched to the Trumpeter scribe and I find this gives much thinner lines and is more controllable.


Once everything is together I will clean up the last few areas and smooth everything down, the nose part does look a bit rough in places but this will all come together before the paint goes on.

The etch metal set is mainly concentrated on the cockpit and I have worked through the uncoloured fret ready for paint.

The cockpit floor is a little sparse but what is there is enhanced by the photo etch, the rudder pedals in particular are nice.

The racks for the machine gun ammo are replaced with etch metal and this improves them greatly, I may leave off a few ammo containers to show this a bit more.


Side wall details are then added from the etch fret and plastic parts, I have also filed down the areas where the colour etch will sit after painting.

Other parts are also prepared for paint with the rear of the seat and cockpit frame receiving some wiring in anticipation of the radios (the dials and front panel are on the colour sheet).

The chair is impressive straight from the box and only improved by the harness.

For a final touch before the painting stage I have added some wiring using a few shots from a reference book and a bit of artistic license…

This will all now be primed with Tamiya XF53 neutral grey then MRP RLM 02 will be added with a little pre-shading to add some depth.


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